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Títol: Ah, se me olvidaba!!
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Menos mal que me ha venido a última hora a la cabeza. Con un día tan movido uno no tiene ma cabeza en su sitio.

No puedo irme a la cama sin recordar una de las obras principales de Richardson.


Sin duda en ella refleja de forma fascinante toda la fuerza de las palabras de este escritor catalán. Os copio un trozo para que veais de lo que hablo.

While the adjutant was yet reading, in a low and solemn voice, the service for the dead, a fierce and distant yell, as if from a legion of devils, burst suddenly from the forest, and brought the hands of the startled officers instinctively to their swords. This appalling cry lasted, without interruption, for many minutes, and was then as abruptly checked as it had been unexpectedly delivered. A considerable pause succeeded, and then again it rose with even more startling vehemence than before. By one unaccustomed to those devilish sounds, no distinction could have been made in the two several yells that had been thus savagely pealed forth; but those to whom practice and long experience in the warlike habits and customs of the Indians had rendered their shouts familiar, at once divined, or fancied they divined, the cause. The first was, to their conception, a yell expressive at once of vengeance and disappointment in pursuit,—perhaps of some prisoner who had escaped from their toils; the second, of triumph and success,—in all probability, indicative of the recapture of that prisoner. For many minutes afterwards the officers continued to listen, with the most aching attention, for a repetition of the cry, or even fainter sounds, that might denote either a nearer approach to the fort, or the final departure of the Indians. After the second yell, however, the woods, in the heart of which it appeared to have been uttered, were buried in as profound a silence as if they had never yet echoed back the voice of man; and all at length became satisfied that the Indians, having accomplished some particular purpose, had retired once more to their distant encampments for the night. Captain Erskine was the first who broke the almost breathless silence that prevailed among themselves.
Títol: Re:Ah, se me olvidaba!!
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De siempre, te juro nen
Títol: Re:Ah, se me olvidaba!!
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Títol: Re:Ah, se me olvidaba!!
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